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About Combined Computer Fraud

Computer fraud is a crime through which cybercriminals try to obtain personal or banking data for illicit purposes.

They will try to manipulate the victims, or supplant their identity, to achieve the ends they pursue

Usually, they will use the manipulation or alteration of data or computer systems programs.

We have already seen in other blog posts the most common forms of social engineering and some figures, such as phishing.

Most Common Causes -Computer Fraud

One of the most common assumptions is the combination of SMS and telephone calls to obtain the bank details of those affected by the fraudulent act.

Cybercriminals use increasingly complex and elaborate methods to make the deception much more realistic in our eyes.

Thus, by using persuasion and combining different ways to deceive us. It will be easier for us to fall into their trap.

Steps in which this type of fraud is divide :

SMS Reception

The user receives a text or SMS message pretending to be a bank.

The SMS tells you they have detected a suspicious access attempt to your account or some situation that makes us click on a link.

To make it more credible, they can make the SMS appear to us together with other real messages that the bank had previously sent us.

Access the link

If we click on the link, a false website will open that will imitate that of the bank.

We will ask you to enter personal and banking information, such as the username and password, to access our bank account or telephone number.

Phone Call

Once the victim sends the requested data, they receive a phone call from the cybercriminal posing as the bank manager.

To make the trick more likely to succeed. They can make the number that appears on the screen very similar, or even equal, to a real one from the bank.

They informed us they had detected suspicious movements in our bank account in that call.

With that pretext, they ask us for our passwords, and they can ask us to sign online to accept the necessary operations to solve it.

All this can escort by false text messages. Where they inform us of the operations carried out so that we fall even more into their trap.

Deception Completed

However. If we have taken the bait. The cybercriminals will have obtained the necessary information to access our bank account.

Thus, they will be able to make payments and transfers with our money, which we will have also signed as part of the fraud.

As we can see, their methods are increasingly sophisticated, including different ways to mislead us and cause us to take the bait.

Tips to Avoid Falling into The Trap :

We must be clear that a bank will never ask us for our data, telephone number or access passwords.

Therefore, it is information that you should not share with anyone.

Another recommendation is not to click directly on a link sent to us by SMS; accessing the information through the bank’s application or website is preferable.

However. The best information is always to be vigilant and uses common sense to spot any suspicious activity.

In this way, we will make it much more difficult for those who try to deceive us.

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