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Cloud Backup: Advantages and Disadvantages

Cloud Backup: Advantages and Disadvantages – Having a backup service in the cloud is of great importance for companies today.

An increasing amount of information is connect to projects, customer and product databases, and web backups.

These are different files, such as texts, spreadsheets, videos, audios, or other formats.

We could say that all this information is what keeps companies running.

In case of loss or theft. There would be a significant risk to the continuity of the company, running the danger of disappearing.

Traditional storage systems, such as external hard drives, USB sticks, or the computer’s hard drive, can serve as a complementary method for making backup copies.

However, the risk of loss or theft of the information contained in these physical devices is much greater than if we have a backup in the cloud.

For this reason, having our most essential documents stored in the cloud is highly optional.

Advantages of Cloud Backup

 Greater Security

Online copy services usually have an advanced data encryption system to guarantee their security and protect them from possible cyberattacks.

It also favours compliance with data protection regulations.

Likewise, you can quickly establish which people can access and to what specific data.

Process Automation

To make a copy of your data on a physical device, the intervention of a person who manually makes a backup from time to time is necessary.

However, cloud backup is automatic. You can schedule a copy of your data with the time interval you prefer (every hour, every day…).

Easy Access and Availability

As long as you have Internet construction, you can access the server where your backups are from, access your files and restore them to your device.

In addition, you can do it 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.


Companies are not static, and their needs can change over time.

If you run out of available storage, you can quickly expand it by hiring the extra space you need.

Disadvantages of Cloud Backup

Infallibility Does Not Exist

As small as the risk is, it must be clear that there is no foolproof way to make backup copies, not even online.

We can all attack, and some risks and dangers cannot quickly dealt with.

Therefore, the most crucial thing will be the security and data encryption system that the contracted backup service has.

Time Needed for the Copy

Depending on the size of the information we want to save, performing the initial copy or recovering the data may take more or less time.

It is Not Free

Naturally, an excellent online backup service has to pay for. But it is undoubtedly an expense worth making.

Being able to recover all your company information in the event of a disaster in the offices, or in case we suffer a cyberattack, is a plus of peace of mind for anyone.

Therefore, you must protect your company against data loss since it is inevitable to be expose to computer risks and threats.

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