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Computer Concepts: what is a UPS

Computer Concepts: what is a UPS – Although fortunately, they are not very common, electrical failures can be a problem that can affect you in various ways.

You may lose the work you were doing or, worst case. Your computer equipment fails due to a sudden blackout.

Hence. The importance of having a UPS instal allows you to continue using the computer in the incident of a failure in the electrical connection.


A UPS is an Uninterruptible Power Supply, or in English, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

In the event of an exact outage, voltage surges or drops. Or similar problems, this system ensures the operation of a piece of equipment even when there is no power supply.

It employs activated batteries when they detect the problem in the electrical network. Allowing us to save the data and turn off the device safely.

This way, we will avoid damage or loss of important information, as well as possible equipment breakdowns.

When there is no power supply, a switching time of a few milliseconds is usually necessary for the equipment to start operating with the power supplied by the UPS battery.

It will have to be careful to see what type of devices we can connect so that they are not affect by the switching process.


Computer concepts: what is a UPS

Another important concept we must know is the voltage regulator or AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator).

The AVR is a system that regulates the voltage, controls the voltage rises and falls that occur in the electrical network, and provides a constant voltage at the output.

In this way, it manages to protect the equipment that is link to it.

AVRs differ from UPSs in that they do not have a battery and cannot keep equipment connected to it running in the event of a power outage.

It is essential to know these concepts since some UPSs have voltage regulators (AVR) and others do not.

Initially, UPSs were using mainly in the industrial field and for large companies with susceptible devices and information.

However, its use has now spread to companies of all kinds and is also use in the domestic sphere.

UPS types :

We can choose between three types of UPS depending on our needs and the type of devices we want to connect.

UPS offline

It is the most basic and cheapest type of UPS you can buy. It will only protect our computer against a power outage. But it does not have a voltage regulator, and it does not filter the current.

Offline UPSs are use above all in the domestic environment, and it is recommende to use them only in areas with a stable network and with insensitive devices. Such as low-end computers, televisions, and routers.

Interactive UPS

They offer intermediate protection and are the most common in offices and homes.

Unlike the offline UPS, it has a voltage regulator that controls and corrects the fluctuations of the electrical network.

We could consider it the most recommended type of UPS due to its price and characteristics.

UPS online

It is the most expensive model, but it is the one that offers the highest level of protection against anomalies in the electrical supply.

They are designe for industrial use, for servers that are in continuous operation and need maximum stability and security.

The online UPS converts the incoming energy into clean energy through a transformation process, eliminating the problems you may have.

It is the only type of UPS that does not require switching time. The power supply is not interrupte in the event of a power outage.


One Type or Another of UPS.

Of course, you have to decide the level of protection you need and estimate the consumption of the equipment we will connect to the UPS.

Regarding the latter. It is always advisable to buy a UPS that offers around 15-20% more power than the one you are supposed to connect to avoid unnecessary shocks.

If you need to protect specific equipment because it is essential for your work, and you do not want to risk losing critical information or damaging its components, acquiring a UPS may be a highly recommended option.

Without a doubt, you will avoid frights, and you will enjoy greater peace of mind.

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