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Constancia De No Derechohabiente Del Issste

Constancia De No Derechohabiente Del Issste – A certificate of non-eligibility from ISSSTE is a document proving that a person does not receive health care and benefits provided by the Institute of State Employees Safety and Social Services (ISSSTE). This certificate remains required for various procedures, such as registering with private health institutions and obtaining health insurance.

ISSSTE is the State Employees Institute of Safety and Social Services, which provides medical care and benefits to workers in the service of the State and their families. You may need a certificate proving this if you are not an ISSSTE beneficiary, i.e., not affiliated or registered with this institute. This certificate may remain required to fulfill specific legal procedures, Such As Claiming A Pension, Loan, Or Scholarship.

We will explain an ISSSTE non-authorization certificate, the conditions required to request it, and how you can become it quickly and easily online. We will also inform you about the format and duration of the certificate. Read on and get your ISSSTE non-authorization certificate without any hassle.

What Is The Accreditation Test For Non-Membership With The ISSSTE?

What Is The Accreditation Test For Non-Membership With The ISSSTE?

The certificate of non-affiliation with the ISSSTE is a document that proves that a person does not have the right to receive medical services in this or other health institutes. It is important to note that no document will be issued if you are currently entitled to a medical service.

For it to be valid, you must have your CURP linked to an active ISSSTE social security number. If not, you must obtain proof of not having the right to seek medical care options < a i=6> in other facilities.

Who Can Process The ISSSTE Non-Claimant Form?

Any person can request the accreditation letter, including those who have previously been affiliated as workers but have ended their employment relationship with a company, institution, or entity for personal reasons and who wish to continue or remain in the system.

Documents You Should Have On Hand

To carry out the non-beneficiary procedure, having the CURP (Unique Population Registration Code) is necessary.

In both institutions, the CURP and a credential as official identification are the only documents required to carry out this procedure.

What Is The Certificate Of Validity Of SINAVID Rights?

As is known, the certificate of validity of rights is a document that serves to prove the validity of rights that a beneficiary intends to remain treated in a health center. On the other hand, SINAVID is a platform where you can request this document, make inquiries, and obtain accreditation of non-IMSS affiliation, among other things.

What Does SINAVID Mean?

It is a platform that offers different services to all ISSSTE beneficiaries to have better organization and allow people to use all the platforms they have the right to use.

Is It Important To Have Valid SINAVID Rights?

Yes, having proof of rights from SINAVID will allow us to have validity and validity when we want to carry out any of the multiple procedures that the platform offers us.

Is SINAVID The Virtual Office Of The ISSSTE?

Yes, this is practically the same since it is the platform where we can access everything the virtual office offers.

How do you obtain proof of the validity of rights in SINAVID?

How do you obtain proof of the validity of rights in SINAVID?

You do not need to go to the IMSS offices to request proof of the validity of the rights; now, you can request this document from the SINAVID virtual platform. It is a straightforward procedure to apply, and you can do it by following these steps:

  • Enter the following web address:
  • Log in to the system with a username and password, then click “Login.”
  • Now go to the procedures section and look for the option to request proof of validity of rights.
  • Follow the latest instructions, and you’re done.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to register on the SINAVID virtual platform, you can do so by entering this link: Register on SINAVID. You follow the recommended instructions, and that’s it; it’s not complex and more accessible than you imagine.

We have reached the final part of this post, where we learned many things related to the validity of SINAVID rights.

If you have doubts regarding the validity of the ISSSTE and other related issues, we invite you to see our category, where we seek to support you so that you know the platform better and obtain your letter of rights.

If you are very clear about what you can do on the SINAVID virtual platform, you should take advantage of what you have learned to request proof of the validity of your rights today. It is not complicated, and you can do it from the comfort of your home.

ISSSTE Non-Beneficiary Certificate: What Format Is It In, And How Long Does It Take?

The non-authorization certificate from ISSSTE has a standard format containing the following data:

  • Applicant’s full name.
  • Applicant’s CURP.
  • Date and time of issue.
  • QR code to verify authenticity.
  • Subordination and Validity of Rights Electronic autograph of the Deputy General Manager.

The disqualification certificate received from ISSSTE is valid indefinitely as long as the applicant’s status at the institute does not change. However, some institutions may require a new certificate, so checking the maximum accepted period before sending is recommended.

Get Your Non-Authorization Certificate Quickly From ISSSTE

As you can see, getting your unfairness certificate from ISSSTE is a simple and quick process you can complete online without leaving your home or office. You must meet the requirements, enter your CURP, and download your certificate to your email.

Obtaining your certificate of disqualification from ISSSTE will allow you to fulfill various legal procedures that require this, such as claiming a pension, loan, or scholarship. Note that the certificate is an official document proving you are not affiliated or registered with ISSSTE.


The Mexican Social Security Institute puts several platforms at your disposal so that you can carry out procedures and queries online. Therefore, you can now request proof of the validity of SINAVID rights from the comfort of your home.

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