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Advice to Extend the Life of Your Devices

By following these tips to extend your devices life. We hope you can prolong their use for a long time. The unstoppable pace at which technology is advancing means that we feel the need to change our smartphones. Tablet or laptop from time to time.

This supposes a significant financial outlay. As well as having to spend a lot of time downloading the necessary applications, making a copy of all the files and photos of your old device, and leaving the new machine ready for use.

The tips we will see apply to your Smartphone, computer and Tablet, although some may be more specific to a specific device.

Tips To Make Your Devices Life Last Longer


Protecting the device with a case is wise to prevent damage from a fall or impact significantly.

In the case of Tablets, some patients have a built-in keyboard. Adding an exciting extra functionality in addition to protection.

It may also be a decent clue to put on a screen protector to prevent scratches and deterioration of the screen.

Likewise. You must careful not to leave the device in the sun and avoid getting it wet as much as possible.

Supposedly. Many Devices Life have protection against water, but in many cases. It will not be enough to prevent the Smartphone or Tablet from becoming unusable.


As a general rule, try to have your device updated to the latest version of the operating system.

Thus, errors from previous versions are corrected, we will be able to use all the extra new functions, and we will have the computer with the latest security patches installed.

However, if the device is ancient, installing the latest version of the OS may worsen its performance since it will require more and more resources to work well.

In these cases, it may be preferable not to update it and leave it at a previous version.

Delete the Unnecessary

On many occasions, we have the memory of our Devices Life full of unnecessary applications, files, photos and videos. The only thing they do is cause the computer not to work at total capacity.

The ideal would be to have only installed what we need for our work or our personal use.

We can use an external hard drive or some cloud storage application to make a copy of what we do not need daily and thus leave only what is essential in the device’s memory.


In addition to cleaning the memory of the device, from time to time. It is recommended to clean our Devices Life on the outside as well.

Dust and dirt can clog the fans, causing them to overheat, which will shorten their lifespan.

In mobiles, we must check all the ports, and in the case of computers, it may be necessary to open them to access the fans and clean them.

Take care of the Battery

One of the components that deteriorates the most over time is the battery, which may end up giving you problems, making you have to charge it more and more often.

In addition to not exposing it to extreme temperatures, keeping it as long as possible between 40 and 80% charge is also recommended.

It is better to charge it at times than to let it discharge entirely or until there is very little battery left.

Likewise, it would help if you always tried to use the official charger that corresponds to your device and avoid, as far as possible, using generic chargers.

You can check the battery health status in the device settings or download a third-party app.

Install an Antivirus

This advice is applicable, above all, in the case of computers. Having an antivirus installed will. To a large extent, prevent the risk of your computer from becoming infeste with some virus or malware.

It is also recommend not to install applications that come from an unreliable source.

Restart or Turn off the Device

Many experts say it is good to restart or turn it off from time to time because otherwise, it accumulates a lot of useless information, and many tasks remain in the background.

Change the Hard Drive of the Computer

If you change your computer’s hard drive for SSD, you will notice how the data reading speed increases and a notable improvement in the equipment’s general performance.

You can also increase the RAM, which will improve the general fluidity of the system, and you will be able to multitask more successfully.

These simple tips will help you keep enjoying your Devices Life for longer.

In addition, by doing so, you will help preserve the environment since you will contribute to the reduction of technological waste and CO2 emissions.

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