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SEO applied to podcasts: how to advance your organic traffic

The podcast is a fashionable arrangement. More and more content creators are encouraged to join this way of communicating, and, little by little, more and more podcasting platforms such as Spotify or Podimo are emerging. In this context, it is essential to stand out from the competition by knowing how  SEO  (positioning) works on this platform and around this type of content to appear in the first positions in search results.

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SEO applied to podcasts on how to advance your organic traffic

What should you do to improve SEO and position your podcast?

When we talk about podcast SEO strategies, that is, organic positioning strategies, we have to keep in mind that there are two types: those that will carry out on the podcasting platforms themselves and those that are focused on positioning in Google.

How to rank your podcast on Google

Positioning your podcast in Google works similarly to your blog posts, so you must plan your SEO strategies well. However, podcasts have their peculiarities regarding climbing positions in Google. Here are nearly tips that can be very beneficial regardless of where you have your podcast hosted:

Do a   keyword search: on the platforms where you host your podcast, there will be areas where you have to include the title and summary. You must include keywords in them so that when a user searches for podcasts on those topics, yours can appear in the search results. To find the most suitable ones, you have free and paid tools (such as Semrush) at your disposal that can be of great help. During your research, you will find keywords with many searches and keywords with more minor. Each one has its good part and its lousy part. The former, despite having a large public, present greater competition. Meanwhile, despite having fewer searches, the latter will allow you to move up positions more quickly. The key will be to find the balance between one and the other.

How to position your podcast on the platforms

Now that you know some behaviours to improve the positioning of your podcast in the Google search engine, it is time to discover some tricks to enhance your SEO strategies within podcasting platforms.

On the one hand, like Google, the platforms also highly value the public’s interaction with the content, so you must encourage them to take action. You can do it through social networks, in the description text of the podcast or in the script itself.

On the other hand, we find the eternal duality between choosing a name for our podcast that is fresh and creative or one that contains keywords. If you do not need to give up your personality and brand values, you should choose the first option. Opting for a title that aligns with your SEO strategies, in addition to helping you better position your podcast on the platform will allow users to identify your channel’s theme quickly.

Advantages of having a podcast for your company or business

The marketing strategies of any company always include a content strategy to successfully reach its target audience by providing quality information that solves their doubts and problems. The podcast is just one more format through which to channel this content strategy, but it has a series of benefits that differentiate it from the rest:

Inexpensive: producing a podcast is simple and less expensive than other formats such as video, so if you are a company or an individual that does not have a large budget, it will be an excellent way to start implementing your content marketing strategies.

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