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How To Improve The wifi Network At Home

How To Improve The wifi Network At Home- When it comes to providing computer support, and especially in the case of teleworking, many incidents can happen due to a poor Internet connection or coverage.

This means that the wifi signal does not reach where you are working correctly, and we will have problems with slowness, connection cuts, etc., which will not allow us to carry out our work comfortably and smoothly.

We are going to see a series of measures that we can adopt to improve coverage and that the wifi signal reaches us correctly:

Placement of The Router

It is advisable to place it in a relatively high position (try not to leave it on the ground) and as close as possible to the centre of the house. This way, the signal will spread more easily throughout all the rooms.

Likewise, problems (walls, furniture…) between the router and the place you are going to work must avoid as much as possible. Therefore, try not to leave the router boxed in a piece of furniture and surrounded by obstacles on all sides.

Place the Router Antennas Perpendicular

It is recommend to place one horizontally and the other vertically. You will not notice a significant increase in speed, but it helps to improve coverage on our devices.

Update the Router

It would be best if you permanently tried to update your router’s firmware, as this will work more efficiently. Some are updated automatically, but in others, you will have to update it from your router’s administration page.

Look for the Channels Less Saturated With Traffic

You are likely connecting on the same channel as many of your neighbours, affecting your connection speed.

Some applications like Wifi Analyzer analyze the available channels and recommend the least saturated ones to connect to.

With this application, you can also identify connection problems and help you locate the best place to put the router.

Limit the Number of Connected Devices

Currently, we have more and more devices simultaneously connected to the Internet (mobile phones, tablets, video game consoles…), which causes the Internet connection to be slower. Try to have only the strictly necessary connected.

Possible Intruder in Your Wifi Network

To check if there are any intruders, there are applications that tell you which devices are connect to your network at a specific time.

If someone is misusing your network, you should go to your router settings to block access and change your access password immediately (it is recommend to combine letters, numbers, uppercase, lowercase, and symbols).

Install a Wifi Repeater or PLC

If you live in a large house, with many architectural obstacles or several floors, you will surely need some help so that the wifi signal reaches all the rooms correctly. In these cases, installing a wifi repeater or a PLC is advisable.

Wifi repeaters take the indicator from the router and repeat it, generating a new network. They are primarily useful for short distances.

Another option is to use a PLC device, which takes the signal from your router to another area through the electrical network and creates a new wifi point there.

PLC Device to Improve the Wifi Connection

There are currently more modern devices with wifi Mesh technology, which work similarly to PLCs but allow traffic to manage intelligently and optimize resources.

It may also be advisable to purchase a new router. Although the router provided by your Internet operator will be sufficient for most users, if you want the latest features (such as Wifi 6), you should probably get a more modern one.

The main benefits of wifi 6 are higher speed, better management of multiple devices, better security, and better energy efficiency. Likewise, you will not have compatibility problems since it is compatible with previous networks.

In principle, by adopting these measures you should notice an improvement in the wifi connection, and you will be able to work without problems from any room in your house.

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