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Microsoft Viva: The New Platform Focused On Teleworking

Microsoft Viva: – In the current labour market. Moreover. There is a trend toward teleworking in the sectors where it is possible or towards a mixed modality between face-to-face work and remote work.

Moreover. In this new context of hybrid work. Microsoft recently announced a new Employee Experience Platform, Microsoft Viva, which will be cohesive into Microsoft Teams.

What is Microsoft Live?

However. It is a new platform created by Microsoft. Focus on employees and companies that want to implement teleworking as a priority.

The objective is to include in a single platform all the necessary tools to communicate with our co-workers. Search for information on a particular topic. Or access training through courses, all from a single site.

Working From our Homes can Be Challenging at Times.

For example. Imagine that it is your first day in a new job.And the usual thing in these cases is to go to the office and meet your colleagues personally. Due to the rise of telecommuting due to the coronavirus pandemic, everything is different.

Microsoft intends to provide workers with tools to connect employees, meet their needs, and help organize their workday “alone”.

Microsoft Viva leverages Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 to unify the employee experience in four key areas: business engagement. Employee wellbeing, learning, and knowledge discovery.


In principle, four modules have accessible, but this list is probable to expand over time. The modules announced for now are:

One/ Live Connections

Despite not being physically together, it will help us to connect with our co-workers.

This module includes the chat and the company’s internal communication mechanisms. It will also allow access to company resources, policies, and benefits.

In this way, the aim is to improve the employee’s commitment to the company and encourage collaboration with the rest of the workforce.

Live Insights

However. It offers workers personalized information to better organize their working day, reserving time dedicated to rest, training, connecting with colleagues, etc…

Managers and team leaders will be able to access this information anonymously (experiences and personal data are visible only to each employee).

The purpose will be to detect problems, such as possible signs of exhaustion in a given work team, and seek solutions or establish priorities.

Live Learning

Moreover. To retain talent and for an employee to stay longer in the company, Moreover.  it is necessary to invest in their training and development.

Here the worker can access courses and other content related to training. Which may be from the company or third parties.

The intent is to aggregate all the available learning resources of an organization in one place.

The courses may be assigned by our boss or by artificial intelligence based on our work.

Live Topics

However. Sometimes it can be complex and tedious to find information on a specific topic related to our work. We waste a lot of time just searching and redoing the necessary information.

With Viva Topics, However.  the employee can access documents, conversations, videos and people from the same place through cards related to the topic and recommended by an AI.

However. Microsoft Viva was partially launch on February 4. Viva Insights (in public preview) and Viva Topics are available now.

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