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What to Do If My Mobile Does Not Charge

What to Do If My Mobile Does Not Charge. Like every night, before going to bed, you plug your phone into the charger to have it ready and fully charged the following day. This time, however, it was different. Your mobile does not capture! Plugging it into the mains has no effect, and it’s as if you hadn’t done anything… has it broken? There’s a solution

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Steps to Follow:


The primary thing you must do is learn the problem to know how to act. If you have another charger or USB cable to charge on your computer, try setting your phone with it. Works? Then you know where the problem was: the charger or the line was damaged.


The problem could be in the power source, that is, that the plug or the USB port to which you have connected the cable or charger does not work. To find out if this is the problem, switch the charger plug or connect the cable to another USB port on your computer (or better yet, another computer).


Still not working? So the problem is with the phone: either the battery itself or the port that the cable connects to. If you have another storm – maybe not, but some people have spare batteries – try it with it. They can also do it in a mobile store with your model.


One of the most mutual causes of a mobile phone not charging is that the connector on your smartphone is failing. You can find proof of this if you move the cable slightly and see that it is charging intermittently; if it does not set, it may be due to the battery not working, as we have already indicated.


We have just indicated some of the most frequent causes of mobile not charging. We must know what to do if the mobile is not captured. Depending on the origin of the defect, we will have to proceed in one way or another, but, in general terms

Buy a new cable: In most cases, the charging error is due to the battery cable not working correctly, so try a new one and check if the error persists.

Buy a new charger: it may also be that the charger we usually use has broken down and, therefore, the battery does not charge. So try another one to see if the problem is solved.

Buy a wireless charger: an excellent way to completely solve the problem (if it is due to the cable connection with your mobile) is to opt for this type of battery that does not need connection cables and can charge the smartphone wirelessly.


If the battery doesn’t seem to be the problem, you’ll need to send the phone in for service. They will also fix it or send you a new one, depending on the severity of the problem and how your warranty is doing. Hopefully, you won’t have to change phones.automationes

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