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Models and Applications – Orchestrating is essential at this stage, defining the type of result you want, your hypothesis and the origin of the data. For this. We present the types of processes where artificial intelligence transforms the data, which will serve to define their source.

Deep Learning – Models and Applications

Firstly. It is a set of machine learning algorithms that attempts to model high-level abstractions in data using computational architectures that support multiple and iterative nonlinear transformations of data expressed in matrix or tensor form.

Machine Learning

However. It is an analytical method that allows a system, by itself —without human intervention and in an automated way—to learn to discover patterns, trends and relationships in the data, and thanks to said knowledge, in each interaction with new information, better services are offered. Prospects.

Neural Networks

Moreover. They are learning algorithms and computational models designed to function like neurons in the brain. Neural networks train on specific data sets, which they use to find an answer to a query. The network guess compares to the correct answer in a database. If errors occur, the “neurons” are adjust. And the process is repeat until the error levels are reduce. This algorithmic method, called backpropagation, is similar to statistical reversion.


Induction Algorithms

However. Algorithms learn from an example and try to find patterns in the data to create rules explaining what is happening. Unlike the deduction process, which involves a pre-set collection of regulations, these algorithms make rules to clarify things happening on the fly.

Predictive Analysis Algorithms

However. They are programs that use a combination of data science, statistics, and artificial intelligence techniques to analyze structured and unstructured data sets, identify patterns and relationships, and use them to make predictions about likely future events and outcomes.


Replicate – Use Cases

Below we share the following graph obtained from the IBM portal on the use cases of Artificial Intelligence:

Therefore. Working as a team with a technological ally that facilitates your project and artificial intelligence applications is essential to achieving the desired success. Considering the previous models and principles will allow you to evaluate where it makes business sense to implement artificial intelligence. Moreover. With the help of SinergiaSys, we bring you the tools and IT infrastructure that will enable you to obtain the results you are watching for.


Models and Applications

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