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Are we prepared for the world that New Technologies will bring?

Are we prepared for the world that New Technologies will bring? . More than 8,000 million devices are already linked to the internet of things —IoT. For its acronym in English— and this figure will triple in just three years. Objects will become intelligent, and the world will experience the fourth industrial revolution.

A prestigious automobile brand collects the operating data of its 13,000 engines installed in commercial aircraft. Reducing maintenance times and anticipating breakdowns. Meanwhile The device with which people with diabetes measure their blood sugar sends the results to their mobile and doctor for detailed monitoring. Intelligent electricity meters and grids enable sustainable and personalized energy management. And thanks to the sensors, the devices recognize their surroundings and collect a massive amount of data.

mobile applications

The world has undergone numerous changes in the last decade due to technological advances. Artificial intelligence is already a reality: it is present in the facial detection of mobile phones; in virtual voice assistants, such as Siri from Apple, Alexa from Amazon or Cortana from Microsoft; and it is integrate into our everyday devices through bots (short for robots) or mobile applications.

Also, today, there are already vehicles that drive by themselves. In 2017 Google developed its self-driving car, Waymo. Despite being test. The vehicle can go without connecting to the network for long periods.

Autonomous vehicles will go a step further when the new 5G mobile phone network is implement, starting in 2020, a system that can support the connection and enormous transfer of data from millions of cars of this type. For its part, the rest of the technological devices will also be able to communicate with each other and even with us.


Everything will become smart: cars,  homes, cities, industry… Let’s see how the Internet of Things will affect each of these fields:


new technologies will allow analyzing traffic flow, programmable signage, parking space sensors, etc.


Moreover. Connected appliances, voice assistants, remote mobile surveillance or air conditioning management will be some of the advances brought about by the internet of things.

Smart city or Smart city:

the IoT will make it possible to create more environmentally sustainable cities capable of guaranteeing clean water, reliably supplying electricity, safe gas systems and efficient public lighting.


However. Cybernetic physical systems will be develope that combine physical infrastructure with software sensors, communications and process control, etc.

We present concrete examples of these applications

Moreover. Do you know that in 2020 there will be 25,000 million connect devices, which means approximately 28 objects per inhabitant? In addition, there will be 144 million smart meters in Europe in the same period. By sectors, the industry is the one that will monopolize a more significant percentage (40%); health follows (30%); trade (8%); and security (7%).

In a decade, our way of thinking will be different, and we will face a hyperconnected future where most everyday objects will be wise to make our lives easier. Welcome to the internet of things!

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