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Security Risks in Companies After the Pandemic

The new situation that has produced the irruption of teleworking due to the pandemic has a challenge for company security teams. Devices that escape the perimeter security of the company, insufficient investment or the use of social networks as a communication channel are some of the security risks in companies after the pandemic

Vulnerability of Companies Due to the Increase in Teleworking

In cybersecurity, there has always been talking of demilitarized zones, that is, of creating different perimeters reducing the exposed surface of the company’s network. But, with the arrival of teleworking, this has disappeared, producing security risks for companies.

Today, in many companies, workers connect to the organization from personal networks at home. These networks are, of course, not managed or controlled by the company’s IT or security team.

When the Work Device is at Home

Some time ago, we discussed security measures for BYOD ( Bring Your Device ), referring only to mobile devices. But now, BYOD has also become the router, the wired or Wi-Fi network in your home, or your personal computer, which, on many occasions, is even shared within the house with other family members.

Due to this, the number of threats and security risks in companies. In addition, the disappearance of personal contact with co-workers increases the number of connections, meetings or transfers of data in digital format.

Cybersecurity Awareness in Companies

With the increase in teleworking, one of the threats that have increased the most has been ransomware. This growth has been mainly due to the use of personal computers to access companies, with the lack of protection that this implies. Some companies have provided computers to employees so they can carry out their work through a controlled device. Still, on many occasions, the company has done connect the user’s home personal computer through a VPN connection to the leading company network. The company’s IT team does not control this personal computer, nor does it have the same security measures as a computer within its perimeter. As a consequence, ransomwarehas evolved and can now connect via VPN from personal computers to companies.

Social Networks at Work, Another Risk?

It is undeniable that social networks are part of the worker’s daily life, and it is rare for a company that disables using social networks in its network. These social networks have often become another tool of work, and these social channels have also become business channels. Some companies share documentation through Dropbox or use WhatsApp to share and send work messages. This has meant phishing threats and attacks have also moved to social networks.

Keep in mind that users continue to use their social networks when they are at work, and when they get home, they continue to do things from work.

This is causing IT teams to lose control of protecting company data. These channels are outside the protection of the company’s perimeter and are another security risk after the pandemic.

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