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The Impact of Technology On Our Lives

The Impact of Technology On Our Lives – Due to the dizzying speed at which technological advances occur today. We rarely stop to think about technology’s profound influence on our lives.

The use of technology is one of the factors that has produced the most changes in recent times in society.

Its effect is noticeable in many areas: our behaviour, work, and even our way of living.

It is unbelievable what we can do today with the help of technology.

We will see many things that were unthinkable and impossible to do just a few years ago.

In a short time. Advances have often made us think that we have traveled to the future, and this is only the beginning.

Main Changes Due to Technological Impact – Technology On Our Lives


Teleworking. Mainly due to the pandemic outbreak, has increased enormously and. In many cases, will continue to coexist with face-to-face work in offices.

Today’s Internet connections, increasingly powerful computers, and other advances make it possible to work from home as if we were at our workplaces.

However, a few years ago, it would have been almost impossible. The slow Internet connections and the little power of the technological devices would not have made it possible.

Marketing in companies has also had to adapt to the new times.

Now it is necessary to use digital tools to reach current and potential customers (through blogs, social networks, and other media that have emerged relatively recently).


Our way of communicating has also changed due to the new technologies appearing.

Video calls, and messaging applications (such as Whatsapp and Telegram ), have been eating up calls as the primary way of communicating with each other.

New social networks have also emerged (such as TikTok or Instagram ), mainly used by young people to express themselves and communicate through videos and photos.

Vehicles and Transport

Electric vehicles are gradually establishing themselves in the market, and many brands have set a deadline for only marketing vehicles of this type from a specific date.

But the infrastructure still needs to be improved, such as the number of charging stations, or the duration of the batteries, so that this type of vehicle is the majority.

Autonomous driving, through increasingly precise sensors, is another innovation that will change how we move over time.

They usually require human intervention, but in the future, we will be able to move around in autonomous cars without the need for man to take any action.

All this, together with using drones, will also cause profound changes in the transport and messaging sector.

Purchases – Technology On Our Lives

Being able to buy almost anything you can think of from your Smartphone has dramatically changed how people buy.

Marketplaces, such as Amazon or AliExpress, are currently the preferred option for a large number of people when making purchases.

The advantages are apparent (convenience, speed.), but on the downside, it can increase impulse purchases and endanger the survival of many traditional businesses.

Relaxation – Technology On Our Lives

Video and music flowing platforms (such as Netflix, HBO or Spotify) have caused an enormous change in the way people consume content.

Currently, we can access many music, movies and series in digital format through a subscription.

Support in physical format (CD and Blu-ray) is almost a rarity. And only collectors and people of a certain age bet on it.

Young people were already born with this digital reality, but much less in physical format.

This is also extensible to video games, where digital sales have currently surpassed sales in the traditional physical format.

Health and Sport

In the field of wellbeing, it is possible to perform or supervise operations from a distance, thanks to technological innovations.

Wearables. Such as smartwatches and motion bracelets, allow us to measure our heart rate and even the level of oxygen in our blood.

These measurements can serve as a guide. But they still cannot and should not replace the diagnosis made by a doctor.

They are also used to practice sports and allow you to keep track of the distance travel and calories burned.

Education and Utilities

With our smartphones, we have contact to the endless information available on the Internet, and there are countless applications to learn other languages, cook, entertain, and organize our time,…

These are objective few samples of our almost infinite possibilities at our fingertips.

Smartphones – Technology On Our Lives

Among all the technological devices, the Smartphone’s importance deserves special attention.

Taking a device anywhere that. In many cases, exceeds the power of a computer has meant a remarkable transformation of society and the way people behave.

In the future. Technological advances will remain to surprise us with innovations and devices that will allow us to do things that are absurd today.

But in the meantime, let’s enjoy and give the value it has to everything we currently have.

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