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iOS 16

Apple – The Apple WWDC 2022  – With its next version, the iPhone operating system will receive some quite outstanding novelties. Which will further improve the user experience.

It has always stood said that Apple leaves few customization options in its users’ hands so that they can put the devices to their liking.

With iOS 16, the possibilities to customize our iPhone will be greater.

The lock screen is the one that is going to receive the most significant facelift.

Now we can change the colours and font type and add widgets, such as the calendar with our subsequent appointments or the weather forecast.

We can create several different lock screens and switch between them.

Notifications will also be improve and will now appear at the bottom of the lock screen.


macOS Ventura

Accompanying the new operating system for Mac, two new devices were announce, which will carry the new M2 chip, which is more powerful and efficient than the previous one.

These are the 13.6-inch MacBook Air, a new design, and a new 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Returning to the new version of macOS, it will release a series of new features.

Searches with Spotlight will now be more complete and provide you with more information.

In addition, we can carry out some actions directly from the browser, such as starting the timer or setting the alarm.

The new Visual Organizer function is release, which combines the apps and windows we have open on the side.

Thus, we can manage them better and easily switch from one to another. It also allows you to create groups of apps for specific tasks or projects.

macOS Ventura comes loaded with new features that will improve the user experience.

Another outstanding novelty will be the possibility of using our iPhone as a webcam to use functions such as Centered Framing, which always keeps you in the centre of the image.

Another option will be to simulate an overhead view, to show your face and your table simultaneously, making new ways of collaborating possible.

Finally, the graphics engine has improve to achieve better resolution and performance, allowing increasingly demanding games to play on macOS.


iPad OS 16

The operating system for the iPad will also receive its corresponding share of news and improvements with the new version.

Share new features with iPhone and Mac, like Shared Photo Library, Visual Organizer, and new features in Messages and Mail.

We will see the main jump in multitasking management, which increasingly resembles macOS.

Now we can work with several superimposed windows like on a computer, change their size and place them at the height we need.

iPads with the M1 chip will accommodate external monitors, and the interface will stretch to fill the entire width of the screen. This way, we will take better advantage of the new multitasking possibilities.

A new application is also released to collaborate between several users (called Freeform ), and the Weather application arrives on the iPad.


watch OS 9

The Apple Watch will also receive many improvements, especially in training and health.

The Training application has been redesigned, now offering us more complete metrics.

Heart rate monitoring will be more accurate, and Heart Rate Zones are involve, to check the intensity of your exercises.

With the Medication app, you can keep track of your medications and set reminders to prevent you from forgetting.

You can control your sleep, the different phases, and their evolution.

These are just nearly the changes plan for the different operating systems of Apple devices.

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