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Windows 12 : All you need to know about dates and news

Windows 12: According to several reports, Microsoft plans for the future a cycle of three years between the releases of new versions of Windows.

windows 12 dates and news

According to a new report, the rate at which Microsoft releases new versions of Windows may be slowing down, while the rate at which Microsoft releases new Windows features may be accelerating. In other words, this means that Windows 12 will not arrive until 2024.

Windows Central reports that Microsoft could return to a three-year release cycle for major versions of Windows, as it did with Windows 11.

But instead of releasing feature sets for the current version of Windows in both the fall and spring (often referred to as “22H2” or as the “Windows 11 May Update”), Microsoft may increase the pace of updates four times a year. year.

That would be a significant change, as on the one hand it would make Windows 11 less wacky and simply return to a more normal release schedule where builds get more testing time while they cook.

We’re all reminded of the time when a Microsoft staffer made a misleading statement that “Windows 10 would be the last Windows,” making it seem like Windows 11 was a one-time release. Apparently it wasn’t, and Windows 10 should end support in 2025.

However, if the Windows Central report is true, that pushes the next major Windows release to 2024, three years after Microsoft released Windows 11 in 2021. Microsoft has yet to confirm all of these details.

Windows 12

The other big consequence for regular OS users is that Windows feature updates should become more and more common. According to Windows Central , Microsoft plans to start rolling them out in what it calls “Moments,” or feature packs that are delivered at certain times of the year.

So far, those release dates don’t appear to have been set. Microsoft typically releases feature updates for Windows 10 and 11 twice a year, during the spring and fall periods.

This is not exactly new. Microsoft said in February that it was exploring new ways to implement new features for Windows on its own schedule. Microsoft said it would do this by using “experience packs,” snippets of code that will basically only show up on Windows Update .

These new features will just appear. Microsoft has also put various Windows apps on their own release schedule, updating with the look and feel of Windows 11 , or adding new features.

For consumers, the new changes can be a bit unsettling, as the terrain changes as well as the usual period that the company had us used to.

On the other hand, those who like and appreciate the new features and novelties with which to try to be more productive will be delight.

However, businesses tend to avoid unexpected updates that could introduce new bugs, so Windows 11 business customers will likely have the option to opt out.

As a final conclusion, if the report is accurate, we would have that Windows 12 is only two years away.

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