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5 False Myths about Second-Hand Products

Do you usually buy second-hand products? This is one of the consumers’ most valued options due to its low cost. However, the list of benefits goes much further. Have you ever thought about how you protect the environment by stimulating the circular economy?

Second-Hand Products: False Myths

Poor quality, poor reliability, insufficient durability, etc. These ideas haunt those who are reluctant to buy and sell used products. However, those who have opted for this option tend to maintain their commitment over time. So to what extent do we have to believe in those labels? Let’s see it!

1. There Are only Poor Quality and Broken Products

we have start with the idea that is greatest heard about this alternative. If you think about it, this claim doesn’t hold water; you must walk around a thrift store. Reality shows that whoever gets rid of these objects has done so simply because he no longer uses them, not because they are crack.

The entities dedicated to the sale of used products exercise strict quality control. In this way, we promise that everything we have in stock works and meets customer expectations. There may indeed be aesthetic defects, such as scratches or the absence of original accessories, but all this is report before the purchase and is reflect in the price.

For example, on consoles, a product might have a scratch on the casing or in some corner from being used by other people. If we detect any problem with its use in our thorough controls, it is not even put up for sale.

2. Second-Hand Products can be Unhygienic

This is, luckily, a myth that has a concise journey. What does this mean? That very little time passes from when a person hears it until he realizes it is a lie. If you think about it, all the products we see in stores have been hearten by another person before, even food products.

In our stores, we thoroughly disinfect everything we sell so that other hands can give it another chance.

3. Everything that is Sold Second-Hand is Out of Date

In this case, we’ll take it down a different way. So that you can verify the truth, we invite you to access one of our stores and see the available offer. As you can see at the time, we also have very current products, since their former owners have decided to give them a second life in other hands.

The advantage of thrift stores is that you can also find discontinued products, curiosities and real gems for collectors.


4. They are Exclusively a Way Of Saving

This is a partial myth, that is, a half-truth. Obviously, by buying something second-hand, you are saving (in some instances, you can even pay more than half). What is also sure is that other reasons may lead you to access our stores:

Sustainability: Buying second-hand products is synonymous with respecting the planet by choosing a circular economy and sustainability. The key is to adopt a consumption model based on making the most of our resources.

Conscious and intelligent consumption: Sometimes, customers are looking for just one piece of a product that they can find in second-hand stores. Manufacturers are obligatory to market spare parts for a minimum number of years, and after this period, the probability of finding them is considerably summary.

You have already seen that other reasons can take you to one of our stores. Experience shows that everyone has an explanation but that almost everyone meets their expectations.


5. There are Only Products from Little-Known Brands

It is vital to take into explanation the brand of a device that we are going to acquire. Beyond its technical features (which will be superior), determine the ease of receiving specialized assistance or obtaining spare parts. But… who would think that second-hand stores have no popular brand products? This myth is very easy to dismantle.

For example, most people who change they are mobile decide to sell it in centres like ours. The highest quality smartphones belong to brands such as Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi and Huawei. These devices can quickly be found second-hand, and we are even talking about recently release models.

This is why many people visit these stores in search of bargains. Imagine how awful it is to find a state-of-the-art mobile at half its original price.

As you have seen, there are various myths surrounding second-hand products. The important thing is that you have discovered the truth behind them. The environmental commitment, economic savings and the possibility of acquiring only what you want are three great motivations. Join the Converters Movement!

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