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The Best Extensions For Your Browser

Installing the best extensions in your browser can be of great help, and you will be able to add functions to it that it did not have at first.

We spend a large part of our time browsing and looking for information on the Internet about things related to our work and leisure.

For this reason, adapting the browser and personalizing it to our liking, depending on our needs, can be a great idea.

This customization capacity, and the possibility of adding additional functions to our browser, are what the extensions will allow us.

In principle, we will focus on the most used browser, Chrome, but some extensions are the same or with similar functions in other browsers.

The best Extensions for Your Browser

There are many extensions to select from, with very diverse uses. Let’s see some of the best known.

Ad blockers

The function of these extensions will be to block annoying unwanted ads that appear when you are browsing the Internet.

They also block trackers, preventing them from collecting our data.

Another benefit is that they speed up the loading times of the web page and optimize its performance.

Some extensions in this group are Ghostery, Adblock Plus, and uBlock Origin.

Password managers

Whenever we have to remember more passwords, it can be instrumental in installing an extension that helps us manage them.

It will allow us to have all the access codes stored in the same place and encrypted for greater security.

Likewise, we can create secure passwords and check the keys’ security level.

LastPass and 1Password are two of the most fabulous remarkable general password manager extensions.

Three/ Reading and content managers

They will be use to save an article, video, images or other content to see later.

Thus, we can have the links organize to read later, organize them by labels and share them.

We can access that gratified from any device with the corresponding extension or application installed.

Instapaper and Pocket are among the most used in this category.


There are many extensions with which you can quickly and comfortably take screenshots of an area of ​​your screen or a complete web page.

Later you can edit, cropping, highlight the information you want to highlight, or blur what you don’t want to see.

You can use Awesome Screenshot, which will also serve as a screen recorder and video editor, or GoFullPage, which will allow you to capture an entire web page.

Online Shopping

If you regularly shop on Amazon, one extension you might be interested in is Amazon Assistant, which will offer you the best daily deals in the categories you’re interested in.


If you need to focus on work and eliminate possible distractions, some extensions allow you to block websites that can be a distraction, such as social networks.

StayFocusd and Forest can serve you for this function.



If you write in English, Grammarly analyzes what you write and corrects any grammatical and spelling errors you may make.

Microsoft Editor: Spelling and Grammar Checker will help you correct your grammar if you write in Spanish.

To translate a word or parts of a text, the Google Translate extension can make it easy for you.

Other extensions

Some other examples of extensions that you may find interesting are:


Duck Duck Go

used to search without leaving a trace and protecting our privacy.

PANIC Button

If you don’t want them to see where you are browsing, this extension allows you to hide all the tabs you have open by pressing a button.


Checker Plus For Gmail

if you use Google email, you can access your emails, modify them and reply to them from a button next to the address bar. You can also receive notifications and manage multiple accounts at the same time.

These are just some examples of extensions that we can download in our favourite browser.

But you only have to enter the extension stores of the different browsers to verify that there are countless of them.

Take a look, and assuredly you will find somewhat that can be useful to you.

Of course, try not to install many extensions, always download them from official stores, and pay attention to their required permissions.

This way, you will avoid extensions with malicious purposes or collecting user data and then selling it to third parties.

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