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Computer concepts: router

Computer concepts: router – Among the computer concepts essential to know. One of the best known and used is that of router or router.

We have this type of device in our house. And we believe it is advisable to know how they work and the different types that exist.

Even though it is ubiquitous, and we have been using it in our daily lives for many years, not everyone may know the features and functions that make it relevant.

router concept

A router is a network device that acts as a connection point with the modem and allows us to connect our devices to the Internet.

It is essential to differentiate it from the concept of a modem since these are two different devices.

The function of the modem is to moderate and demodulate the signal. It translates the signal it receives in analogue and sends it digitally so the equipment can understand it.

The function of the router, for its part. Is to receive the information and expand it to the different devices that we have connected to a particular network.

It distributes the signal and makes it reach the equipment, either by cable or wirelessly via wifi.

A router assigns a  local IP address to each device, unlike the modem, which has a unique public IP.

Currently, most of the routers in our homes already have a modem incorporated, so it will only be necessary to have the router have an Internet connection.

Also, as we saw in another blog post, the most common routers usually include a series of ports for Ethernet connection, so they already act as a switch.


router types

There are different types of the router from which we can choose, according to our needs.

Traditional router

They use wiring connections, are rarely use anymore, and are limited to physical links of a specific size.

Wifi router

They are the most used today and the ones that almost all of us have in our homes.

They have antennas, which allow connection to the Internet wirelessly, as well as by cable.

This is the type of router that almost all of us have in our homes


USB Router

They are used to connecting to computers that do not have a network card that allows them to establish a connection via Ethernet cable.

Another type of USB router connects to a computer that is already connect to the Internet and allows you to share that connect wirelessly with other computers within range.

There are other types of routers, such as perimeter routers , distribution routers or virtual routers , but we do not see the need to delve into each class.

The important thing is to keep in mind that, depending on the router we choose, its characteristics will be different, mainly in the following aspects:

Scope, coverage, and speed of data transfer.

The number of connection ports available.

 The number of antennas (the more you have, the better the performance).

Compatibility with a more significant number of bands and a higher wifi version.

More configuration options.

The capacity of simultaneous connections.

Benefits related to security.

Possibility of having USB ports.

Things to keep in mind

To ensure the proper running of the router, a series of aspects must take into account:



It would be finest if you annoyed to update it to the latest firmware version, allowing better performance and correcting possible security problems.


It is significant to use a password that is as secure as possible, combining upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters.


Where we place, the router will be necessary to guarantee its correct operation.

We must place it so that the signal and coverage reach the different corners of the house or place from where we need to connect correctly.

If it does not reach certain places well. We can use a wifi signal repeater device or PLC to improve the signal.

Of course, try not to place them near other devices, places with direct sunlight, or places with high humidity.

Considering these aspects, you will get better performance from your router.

We will generally have enough for domestic use with the router provided by our Internet provider.

But, if you need superior features and characteristics, we can opt for another more powerful device.

The quality of the connection will depend on your choice, and you will have more configuration options to achieve an optimal experience.

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