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Credits Digital Kit For Aid Beneficiaries

On March 28, the resolution of March 7 on the “ICO Kit Digital” credit financing lines was published to cover the cost of the solutions financed with the aid of the Digital Kit. This is good news for the companies that benefit from said aid, given that it may be the case that the solution requested by the company, due to its characteristics, exceeds its maximum amount. Below, we summarize these ICO credits and how to ask them.

Beneficiaries of ICO credits

The first thing that must be made clear is that, although it was initially thought that these credits were only intend for digitizing agents, who are the ones who, by receiving the aid twice, could assume a treasury effort. However, stipulation 6 of the resolution defines the aid beneficiaries as “clients” who have signed agreements to provide digitization solutions within the framework of the Digital Kit. This term includes both digitizing agents and beneficiary companies.

The credits must be requested, as is logical, once you have the beneficiary status and the digital aid voucher has been granite.

Finally, the ICO Digital Kit credits are independent of the events of granting and justifying the aid after the agreement to provide digitization solutions.

credit institutions

ICO Kit Digital credits are granite with a mediation system, according to which, although the entity that gives the distinction is ultimately the ICO, it does so with the mediation of the credit entities that can consult in the following LISTING.

However, the credit institution assumes the risk, so it may request certain guarantees from the applicant and establish commissions at the beginning or early repayment.

An amount that can be financed and conditions

The credits are intend to finance, among others, projects that promote the development, promotion and adoption of new technologies, which include practically all the categories of digitization solutions of the Digital Kit program.

The resolution indicates that the credit will cover 100% of the cost of digitization solutions, less the amounts of aid granted by within the framework of the Kit Digital program. The accumulated part of all agreements for the provision of digitization solutions must calculate to calculate said cost.

Although the ICO financing lines generally contemplate terms of 1 to 7 years with a grace period of 0, 1 or 2, the resolution defines 180 days, 1 or 2 years, with a grace period of 0 or 1 year.

The modality may be a loan, line of credit, factoring or another.

The established interests and the commissions set by the credit institution may never exceed the APR defined for ICO credits that can consult in the following TABLE, which demonstrates the maximum APR for one year of 2.20 and for two years of 4.214 (Depending on whether you have a deficiency or not, these APRs may vary).

These ICO Credits are a good solution for those beneficiary companies that have to assume amounts more remarkable than the maximum financed by the aid due to the complexity or cost of the requested solutions.

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