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How to Remove Apps From My Android Phone

How to remove apps from my android phone. If you have recently noticed that your Android mobile phone works a little slower, this may be due to a lack of memory space. A perfect way to get it back to normal is to eliminate applications we no longer use well, such as all those games we have left aside or other apps lacking functionality.

An Android electronic device.

Steps to follow:


It is possible to uninstall the Android applications you have downloaded through Google Play; you just have to put the name of the application you want to remove in the search engine and find the “Uninstall” button.


Similarly, you can also access the option to uninstall and remove apps from an Android phone from the main menu of your smartphone. Thus, it would be best if you pressed the central button that allows you to access all the apps you have installed and search for the one you want to uninstall. Once you find it, you must press on it continuously, without lifting your finger from the screen and drag it to the top.


At that moment, you will see that the screen will change, and two options will appear at the top:


Application information

You will have to slide your finger up, dragging the selected application to the trash can icon.


As soon as you place the app icon to uninstall on the Uninstall option, you will see how it will appear highlighted in red, and that is when you can lift your finger from the screen and thus drop the application in the trash.


Thus, your Android terminal will ask you to confirm to uninstall this application , in case you had accidentally performed the action or selected the wrong app. Make sure you’ve done it right, and then press the ‘OK’ option; At this point, the app uninstall process will start, and it will be aloof from your phone.


On the other finger, if what you want is to eliminate applications that come by default on your smartphone, things get complicated. While it is true that you can eradicate pre-installed applications on Android, in other cases, you will have to root or root your Android mobile phone to have all the permissions and control any aspect of your smartphone. With this, you will become the total administrator of the terminal, and you will be able to eliminate applications from your Android phone.

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