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Why is it important to keep cables free from dust?

The contact of liquid or dust on an electrical cable can cause anything from a system malfunction to serious accidents. That is why engineers and professionals in the field are interested in developing products that prevent the penetration of these elements. A great way to protect electrical panel cables from dust, water, and other external factors is with the use of cable glands, which are measured with the IP degree of protection.

Cable Glands And Cable Protection

Every electrician must be very careful when carrying out work where the panel or equipment is covered with dust.

Normally when seeing some excess dust inside the frame that will be worked on, the tendency is to blow that dirt out. However, in cases of dust from flammable products and materials, this can be a bad choice. Therefore, keeping the materials clean and using wire connectors is the best solution. In this article we will talk about the use of waterproof wire connectors in protecting cables against dust:

Electrical switchboards have two main openings: cable entry and command entry (buttons, indicators and meters). The first tip is to not leave unused openings. A hole in an unused box irrevocably changes the degree of protection, and worse, you’ll have to do an analysis to find out how it looks, so always use plugs in unused openings or holes.

The most critical point of attention is the cable entries. There are often rectangular openings that allow cable-free passage in the lower part of the frames, which is even worse when done in the upper part.

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