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WhatsApp: what are the New Emojis that will Arrive in 2023

WhatsApp: what are the New Emojis that will Arrive in 2023 – The application has a package of updates to improve the user experience. In this case, new faces were saw that may come to the courier next year.


The most famed instant messaging application in the world constantly releases updates to improve the user experience: security codes, temporary messages or even hiding online status.

Now, the app that is part of Meta will allow new emojis in the coming year. Emojipedia, a blog specializing in all related to digital faces, shared drafts and drawings of the new Emoji 15 package that will be available on WhatsApp for both iOS and Android at the end of 2022 and in 2023.


What are the New Emojis

Nor did they forget objects and the world of vegetables. Maracas, flutes, combs and fans are some of them. Users can use emojis such as lavender or ginger in the vegetable sector.

The animal kingdom is not far behind: on your keyboard, you will be able to see a donkey, a moose and two birds, including the goose, accompanied by an emoji of wings.

One of the favourite parts of users is the faces. In this section, a look that shakes very quickly will release three new colours for the hearts (pink, blue and grey). Two new hands will also arrive that can be used to high-five or symbolize a push.

A trembling face, new colour hearts, animals and the WiFi sign are some of the new emojis available to Android and iOS users.

Emojis, Ideal for Hiding the Time of Messages

However. The tool used is one of the novelties of WhatsApp in 2022: reactions with emojis. Not many know that this response method does not have a set schedule.

The founder of the Meta holding company, owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, announced two months ago through his social networks that, with the WhatsApp update, users can react with different emojis to messages sent and received through the platform.


How to React to a Message

Moreover. Download the newest version of WhatsApp from the App Store or Google Play.

Enter the chat where the communication you want to react to is.

Press the received message to react.

All the emojis available to respond will appear like this.


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